Mountain High Marriage

The one on the mountain top didn’t just fall there.

We don’t just plop into a mountain top marriage. We take a few steps everyday to reach a goal.

We have coached many couples who leave their marriage alone to see where it will take them. When it goes nowhere, they figure it was just meant to be that way. But, would you do that with a car? Just press on the gas pedal and see where it goes? It would soon crash.

Take one aspect of your marriage, think of where you would like it to be in a month and go there. Would you like to spend more time together? In the next three weeks set up one small encounter per week. Maybe a coffee time on Saturday morning, an hors-d’oeuvre time one evening, or a walk around the block.

It is your marriage and you can take it where you want to go. To the mountain top or the valley. The mountain top takes a little work. The valley is easy. You just slide down.

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